In search of the sacred, grounded in the mundane, slogging through the mud. 2024

Stoneware, 10 inches tall

I will soon be an antiquity.
I hope to handle the passage of time intact.
I am developing an interesting patina.

Stoneware, 9 inches tall

I am reclaiming myself, figuring things out, and creating something new. 2024

Reclaimed clay, terra sigillata, beeswax, 9.5 inches tall

I carry remorse for paths not taken.
I hold dear my traveled road. 2023

Stoneware, 9 inches tall

Holding so much darkness.
Thinking about pretty things.

Stoneware, 7.5 inches tall

I hold so many secrets. 2023

Stoneware, 7.5 inches tall

I could not have imagined how it turned out.
I wonder what the future holds. 2023

Stoneware, 12.5 inches tall

I should have handled things better, 2023

Stoneware, 10 inches tall

What if I make a big mistake? How long will it last?, 2023

Stoneware,10.5 inches tall

What is the purpose? What if I never know?, 2023

Stoneware, 6.5 inches tall

I Wish I Could Believe in God, 2002

Nickel-plated coins .8" each.

Custom minted coins to wish on.

Secrets, 2001

Digital prints, frames, shelf.

Wolanczyk’s deepest personal secrets are abstracted as sound bars, framed, and displayed on a shelf.

How can I be sure?, 2000

Fountain cast in gypsum with water-based polymer, fiberglass and lace gown, water, pump, and salt. Life-size.

Figurative weeping recirculating fountain whose tears land in a pile of salt.

Love Letter Series, 2000

Red ink and rose oil on bond paper embossed with roses. 6.5"x9".

Letters pictured read:
I have dreams about you all the time.
I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

I don't want to be alone,
but I don't want to be with you.

Target Series, 1998

Graphite and vinyl letters on Rives BFK paper, hung on a wooden armature 18" from the wall. 19"x25"x18"(from the wall).

Written expressions of feelings that evoke a rage shot at with a 38 special revolver.

Handkerchief Series, 1997
Why do people suffer?
Will I ever be happy?
I think I am going to cry.

Embroidered and typed on handkerchiefs. 3 handkerchiefs per set. 11 sets. 9"x9".

Sad sentiments on handkerchiefs with an embroidered figure of a woman.

Graph Series, 1999

Digital printouts and video. Installation size variable.

Graphs were generated using computers and biotechnology to abstractly describe aspects of the artist’s identity.

MRI of the brain.
Video of infrared/heat patterns.
Radiocarbon date of baby tooth.
The hypervariable region of mitochondrial DNA.
Optic nerves.
The sound pattern of laughter.
A polygraph where the artist's mother asked the questions.
The molecular weight of tears.
Detail: the movement of the planets for the first 30 years of the artist's life.
The sound pattern of Wolanczyk's voice saying her name.
The positions of the planets at the exact time and place of birth.
Video stills of infrared/heat patterns.

NYC, Spring 1998

Video. 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Concealed microphone recording of comments by men on the street edited to video images of pigeon courtship postures.