Nickel-plated coins .8" each.

Custom minted coins to wish on.

Secrets, 2001
Digital prints of the sound patterns of my secrets.

My deepest, darkest personal secrets recorded into my computer and outputted them as sound bars.

Through the Rabbit Hole, 2001
Sepia toned photographs in oval frames with convex glass.

Happy for a Change, 2001
Digital Animation.

Animation of a dancing figure — reflecting a sense of joy in both its joyousness and its absurdity.

Banner Series, 2001
Animated web banners.

Publicly advertising my private fears about being exposed or ignored — I placed these confessional banners on commercial websites.

How can I be sure?, 2000
Crying fountain: Forton MG, Fiberglass, lace, water, pump and salt. Life-size.

I cast myself (life cast) as a seemingly classic sculpture fitted with a concealed pump that enables the sculpture to cry.

Love Letter Series, 2000
Red ink and rose oil on bond paper embossed with roses. 6.5"x9".

Letters pictured read:
I have dreams about you all the time.
I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

I don't want to be alone,
but I don't want to be with you.

Target Series, 1998
Graphite and vinyl letters on Rives BFK paper, hung on a wooden armature 18" from the wall. 19"x25"x18"(from wall).

I composed written expressions of feelings that evoke a rage in me, applied these words to paper and shot them up with a 38 special.

Why do people suffer? Handkerchief Series, 1997
Embroidered and typed on handkerchiefs.
3 handkerchiefs per set. 11 sets. 9"x9".

I typed sad sentiments on handkerchiefs and paired them with the embroidered figure of a woman in mid swoon.